Remote farm monitoring 24/7

Applying IoT technology in agriculture, Hachi respectfully brings high-tech farm solutions including:

  • Remote temperature and humidity monitoring system
  • Misting system, ventilation fan, automatic sun shear control
  • Automatic nutrition pumping system
  • Farm traceability management platform
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Construction methodically

Philosophy of technology application, but agriculture and membrane should still be a top priority. All elements constitute a modern farm but must be efficient and productive. That is also Hachi’s working principle. Your success is the value of Hachi

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To meet customer requirements, as well as to suit each individual customer file, Hachi strives to create standard farms that suit all customer requirements.

Open Roof Greenhouse
Manual shading
Manual mist spray and Fan
NFT hydroponic system
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Technology transfer
Open roof greenhouse
Automation Fan system
Irrigation system
Package of seed and nutrient
Geotextile fabric floor
Technology transfer


Introduction about Hachi Vietnam Company

Hachi Company was established in 2016 with investment and support from Vietnam Silicon Valley Fund – Ministry of Science and Technology
Hachi’s mission is to apply 4.0 technology to high-tech farms, to increase productivity without using pesticides.
Hachi’s vision is to become a leader in the field of high-tech agriculture.
Awards: Hachi was honored to receive the Vietnam Talent Award 2016, the top 7 most innovative startups in Asia voted by the world economic forum. Second prize in the Startup Battle contest at Pangyo Korea, representing Vietnam to attend VivaTech event in France.

System advantages of Hachi

Hachi’s farm system application:

  • Open membrane roof house, using membrane of Israel
  • Micro-climate system includes automatic sun-cutting mesh, exhaust fan, mist sprayer to help reduce indoor temperature
  • Sensor control cabinet, monitor and control the entire membrane system according to the data from Sensor
  • NFT hydroponic systems or drip irrigation systems are optimized for each geographical area and climate
  • IoT platform, real-time management, temperature, humidity data monitoring, on-farm traceability code integration
Hachi system maintenance cost

Hachi’s farms can reduce labor costs by 50 to 70% compared to traditional methods.
The price of fertilizer and seed will also be subsidized by Hachi to only half of the market price.
An average of 1,000m2 will cost about 5,000,000 VND for the cost of seeds, fertilizer and utilities.

Hachi Support

All Hachi farms are committed to productivity and quality. Hachi engineers will accompany the first harvest with a commitment to production and ready to purchase if something goes wrong at the Farm. After customers have mastered the basic knowledge, we will issue certificates and continue to support the product life cycle online.


Commitment to minimum yield on each crop.
Commit to VietGAP standard vegetables
Commitment to a lifetime farm
Commitment to support with vendor


Hotline: 0962406086 – 0982444684
Address: Toà nhà C14 Bắc Hà, Đường Tố Hữu, Hà Đông, Hà Nội.